Terms of Service

Please read before applying for fursuit commission! By paying the commission amount, you agree with all services provided by the "LIKE A PALETTE". 


Restrict fursuit commissions for customers under the age of 18 who require parental consent. We have the right to request identification cards (resident registration, driver's license, passport, etc.) from our customers if necessary. If you reject your ID request or confirm that you are under the age of 18, the order will be automatically cancelled and cannot be refunded.


1. It is not possible to use our fursuit for sexual purposes. If you want this, please do not apply for a commission from us. Suit identified as being used for that purpose and its customers will not be eligible for all future services provided by us.

2. We have the right not to provide the service if the customer is deemed threatening, rude, or unreasonable. In the event of this problem, you can abort an ongoing commission without warning.

3. Do not rent suits for commercial purposes. Also, please do not use it as a means of promoting restaurants, shops, etc. that are not related to the furry.

4. Please refrain from applying for a character that is not copyrighted to you. The customer is responsible for what happens. We inform you in advance that we are not involved in the matter and do not mediate. However, we have the right to refuse the application if we apply for another person's character without permission or if we suspect that the design is stolen (including copy and parkuri). If the design theft is found to be true, we can cancel all proceedings. In this case, you cannot get a refund.

5. Use for political and religious purposes is strictly prohibited.


- The quote form will be opened 1~2 weeks before the application form opens.

- You can only request a quote when the quote form is open.

(*If you want to get a quote other than the quote period, you can request it after joining our Patreon.)

- The quote received is valid for 3 months. Even if you have previously received a quote, it is recommended to receive it again if 3 months have passed.

- Quote is not essential when applying for a commission. (You can apply without receiving a quote.)

- You can only apply for a fursuit when the application form is open.

- After the application form is closed, we will contact the selected customers individually by e-mail.

- Only customers who are ready to pay should apply. If you cancel after receiving the selection email, there will be a disadvantage in applying for a commission in the future.


- To fill the commission slot, you have to choose between 100% full payment or 50% down payment.

- If you choose a 50% down payment plan, you have to pay the remaining amount within 6 times (6 months).

- Payment is being received through PayPal or Bank transfer. (PayPal transaction adds a fee (4.4%)

- In principle, payment should be made within 24 hours of receiving the payment information.

- If you stop paying the remaining amount and do not contact us within the deadline presented, the slot will be officially canceled. Also, you can't get a refund.

- Since it is custom-made, cancellation or refund is not possible after payment confirmation, so please apply carefully.

- In the event of cancellation, all rights (modifications and sales) to the suit being made are owned by 'LIKE A PALETTE'.


- Based on the sheet you applied for, we will guide you on the price and fabric to use.

- If you pay more than 50% after checking, we will place it in the slot.

- After being placed in the slot, the work sheet will be sent to you by e-mail within a month.

- Please check the work sheet and let me know if there is any change, and if not, we will proceed as it is.

(*You have to tell us the changes at this time. Once confirmed, it can no longer be modified.)

- You have to send us the DTD within the period we suggested.

- When the materials and DTD are ready, they will start production.


- It takes about 12 months from the start of production.

- If you apply for additional parts together, a period of 1~3 months will be added.

- If payment is delayed or DTD does not arrive within the deadline, it may exceed the expected period.

- We don't send you a separate WIP picture. If you are curious about the WIP picture, you can check it out on Patreon.

- All suits are made manually and customized. We are making several suits at the same time for the same quality.

- If you want a deadline, please contact us. It may not be possible depending on the situation, and if it is possible to proceed, an additional amount will be incurred.


- Fursuit is shipped from Korea. 

- International shipping is available using EMS and tracking is possible.

- An average shipping fee of $350  is charged to send full suits(1 box) based on the U.S. Depending on the size and weight of the suit, shipping costs may be less or more. 

- The shipping cost is not included in the price of the fursuit.

- We are not responsible for loss and damage.

- For International shipping, it may vary depending on the state of the country, but the tariff may be hundreds of dollars.


- If there is a problem with the suit, please contact us.

- For simple repairs, we guarantee free of charge for 12 months after receipt.

- Problems caused by the customer's mistake (if the dimensions are incorrect or DTD is not made correctly, the suit does not fit due to the customer's weight change after DTD production) and damage caused by carelessness are covered by the paid warranty.

- For paid warranties, the price will be based on the time and difficulty of the repair.

- All suits older than 12 months are covered by the paid warranty. In this case, in principle, all shipping costs are borne by the customer.

- Repair may be rejected depending on the condition and requirements of the suit.

- Before sending suits, all suits must be washed or disinfected.

- Suits that smell terrible or very dirty may be refused return or repair.

- If a maker or individual other than "LikeaPalette" repairs or modifies the suit arbitrarily, the warranty will be invalidated.

- We are not responsible for any damage or problems caused by the use of the suit other than the recommended purpose.

- Repairs may take some time because they go hand in hand with ongoing commissions.

Character Design

This applies to customers who own the design of LikeaPalette through pre-made suits and adoptable suits. 

 1. Re-design including patterns, color changes, etc., and derivative designs using original designs are prohibited. If you want to change the design or make a derivative design, please contact us.

2. Please refrain from uploading images of NSFW in public places as much as possible.

3. Business operators are prohibited from using images of characters (ex. goods sales, corporate/event/broadcasting/group/brand images, etc.) regardless of business size. If you want to use it commercially, please contact us. You can use it freely if you are an individual, not a business operator. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use it for political and religious purposes.

5. It is prohibited to produce goods using character sheets and pictures produced by our company.

6. It is not possible to resell only the design. After reselling the suit of the design, the design should be handed over to the buyer.